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  Import Agent Service

  We afford the one-stop services, such as signing a contract, getting the imported letter of credit and import registration, inspecting commodity, clearing customs ,transporting, paying and so on.

  Import Agent Work Field:

  1) Opening Letter of Credit

  2) Tracing the Process of Contract Execution

  3)Arranging Customs Clearance after Receiving the Imported Documents; Handling the Domestic and Overseas Transport

  4)Getting the Imported Official Documents: Handling Commodity Inspection

  5) Dealing with the Imported Payment Formalities and Verification

  Export Agent Services

  We afford the one-stop services which includes signing a contract, auditing a letter of credit, chartering ship and booking space, exchanging documents, declaring customs, making and examining negotiable documents, presenting final documents. At meantime, we take in charge of the work of payment, verification and taxes reimbursement.

  Export Agent Work Field:

  1) Auditing a Letter of Credit; Making Export Documents in accordance with the Contract

  2) Getting the Certificate of Origin

  3) Dealing with Export Final Payment, Verification, Taxes Reimbursement

  4) Chartering Ship and Booking Space