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Name:Dancing Party

Size: 176cm*125cm


The main show is the European royal life scene painting, picture fullness, many people, expression clear, beautiful dress, the author of each person are carried out a very meticulous characterization, reflecting the luxury of the royal family.

The whole tapestry is made of wool, and some parts are decorated with silk pick colors, highlighting the three-dimensional image of the whole picture. This tapestry is different from other tapestries, there are many different characters and facial expressions to be described separately. From clothing to facial color, need to correspond to different roles to select the color and match. The total time spent 360 days to complete. In addition to the performance of the main characters, the rear wall of the embossed fresco is also quite subtle, vivid.

The City After The Rain

Size: 86cm*62cm

Introductions: The street is quiet and peaceful, and it seems more clean and tidy after the rain. The picture is still gorgeous although rained. It’s realistic, rigorous composition and has perfect proportion. The author use gold wire to give leaves’ life and the leaves are sparkling from a distance. This works indicates that after a storm comes a calm.


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