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Size: 105cm*75cm

This is a sculpture in the form of portrayed, because the sculpture is a stone carved at the end, so the colors are gray. Compared to most of the colorful Persian tapestry, this is a single color to the performance of three-dimensional tapestry example. Although the whole piece of tapestry is composed of gray color, but the color of the depth of change and clever over, the whole width of the tapestry and bump detail is very vivid performance out. Although it is a flat tapestry, but the Persian carpet weaving master can choose the color through the three-dimensional sculpture meticulous performance, can not be described as bad.

This piece of tapestry is woven with an ancient Greek-style sculpture, in the entire Western art tradition, the ancient Greek sculpture occupies a very important position. Greek art is idealistic, simple, emphasizing the common, elegant and refined, with the external form of the inherent strength of the Western art advocate model can be said that the ancient Greek began.

The whole tapestry is a real reduction of the original sculpture to express the image, the expression of rich and vivid, lifelike. One of the line selection, structure and detail processing procedures are not intentional treatment. The painting is medium in size and suitable for hanging in a hotel corridor with an artistic atmosphere or an emphasis on style. The whole piece of tapestry selection is pure natural maternal and child natural breath of the material, the main body is composed of Cole wool, add fine silk to be embellished, one of the dyes are extracted from natural plants and minerals. So the whole tapestry can be preserved without fading, after a hundred years, lifelike.


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